Secure Bitcoin Storage – the tl;dr version

Here is the “Secure Bitcoin Storage”- guide in a nutshell:

If you have less than $500-$1000 worth of bitcoins to store:

Get a modern hierarchical deterministic wallet for your smartphone. Just do a one time backup by writing down 12 words on a piece of paper to keep in a secure location and you are done. If your phone is not rooted/jailbroken this is a very secure storage for smaller amounts of bitcoin. No chance of malware getting access to your bitcoins while browsing the web on your main desktop PC.

The best mobile wallets are:

Mycelium for Android

Breadwallet for iOS

If you have more than $500-$1000 worth of bitcoins to store:

Get a Ledger Hardware Wallet or a Bitcoin Trezor and be done with security headaches.

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