Bitcoin paper wallet tutorial

Paper wallets are a good solution for high security long term storage!

  • No malware can steal your wallet files or private keys
  • No digital backups needed

There are already a lot of good tutorials on paper wallets available so here are some good resources to get you started:

Tutorial on Reddit about Paper Wallets and understanding change addresses

Tutorial on Reddit about how to use to create a secure paper wallet

Ideally you would go on and save the webpage onto an USB stick. Then boot up your computer from a Linux live CD without any internet connection and generate & print your paper wallets. That way the generated bitcoin addresses have never seen the internet but are still valid to receive funds.

Password encrypted paper wallets

For added security you can create password protected paper wallets (BIP38). They can only be spent when a password is known which is set during creation of the paper wallet. You can find more about BIP38 password protected paper wallets here:

The future of paper wallets

Devices like the Mycelium Entropy make it very easy to print paper wallets without exposing the private keys to any computer. It is a small USB device which you can connect to any printer that can print images off an USB stick and print paper wallets.

You can read more at their indiegogo funding page:





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